Letter: Dennison should look at the community he serves

Letter: Dennison should look at the community he serves

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At a time when leaders at all levels of government should be working hard to bring people together, I’m deeply disappointed that County Legislator Andrew Dennison is using his platform to try to divide us. His letter was riddled with casual stereotypes and serious ignorance. In Auburn, protests for racial justice and equality have been peaceful, insightful and necessary. They’ve been supported by law enforcement officials who have worked hard to build trust and promote transparency. That Dennison seems more concerned with protecting Confederate statues hundreds of miles away than promoting unity, understanding and progress in his own backyard is sad. His assertion that racism is a “two-way street” is gross. He seems eager to celebrate the worst parts of our past. He’s failing to embrace the big-hearted, optimistic future so many people in Auburn are banding together to build.

We can do it without him.

Gary Finch


Assemblyman Gary Finch represents the state's 126th Assembly District


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