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Donald Trump isn’t wrong that we will finish his wall and it will be harder to get over than Mount Everest. However, as many artists have tried to depict, this wall isn’t physical, it isn’t along the Southern Border of the United States, and the citizens of the United States are certainly paying for it.

With fear-driven and inflammatory rhetoric we divide ourselves more than the Berlin Wall divided Germany. We are divided by ethnicity, age, religious affiliation, education status, economic situation, and more, all the while with insistence that each group is getting an advantage over the other. Donald Trump daily attacks a different group of people in our country as “enemies of the people” or worse and sets us to fighting each other. Our Congressional representatives constantly place blame on each other as the cause for our nation’s ills. There is a New York State Assembly member advocating for dividing upstate from downstate, forming two states, and solidifying the disunity we experience. This is a campaign that weakens our communities, our state and our nation and we must put an end to it.

We are best served by the movement in this country that works to benefit everyone, seen active in the state Legislature as it passes measures to expand voting access and campaign reform as well as working to ensure better civil liberties for the people all over the state. This movement is seen in the groups that are rising up and working for non-partisan discussions and solutions to our nation’s issues, and reaching up through our current federal Congress. We have an opportunity to tear down our walls and achieve a greater good for our nation than in any other time in our history.

So much of our history has been tied to the concept, “United we stand, divided we fall.” We have all seen the image of the serpent representing the colonies in sections with the caption “Join, or Die.” It has been demonstrated time and again that every time we experience true growth and prosperity it is when we act for the good of all of the people. “E pluribus unum” has always been the best motto for the United States.

Chanting “Build the Wall!” and calling for states to divide is contrary to our better nature and weakens us rather than making us more secure or more prosperous.

Scott Comegys


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