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Letter: Do the right thing and get your shots

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I write this letter to say to America, happy and healthy and safe New Year. This great country has been under a pandemic for two years with COVID-19. The American people can win this battle by getting COVID-19 shots and wearing a mask. Let's all do this together. The shot is free to the people. Quit playing politics, acting stupid, do the right thing, just get your shots and wear a mask. You don't have to like President Joe Biden if you don't want to, but he is right on this issue. He has tried to get Congress to work together, like it or not. I support him on this issue.

I didn't support him on the southern border and pulling out of Afghanistan. I support him on the infrastructure bill that he got passed. The majority of the Republicans did not, just because of politics. The president has to have help to get prices down on gas, cost of living. If he doesn't get help, the Democrats will lose the midterm elections in November 2022. Then look out, Republicans will go after our Social Security and Medicare. Remember this: the Republicans were never for either one of these programs.

To Congress, now is time to try and work across the aisle. Republican John Katko has done this, I give him credit for that. Let's get bail reform back, keep these criminals in jail and set bail for these thugs. Keep them there. Change marijuana from being legal to Illegal again. This legislation is going to destroy many Americans. Most of all, pass a discipline and respect bill. It all starts at home when it comes to discipline and respect. Crime is on the rise again: murders robbing stores. Reform police departments; do not defend the police. I support law enforcement 100%.

I hope President Biden has Republican leader Mitch McConnell with him to talk about energy high prices. Talk to leaders of the Keystone Pipeline about a compromise to use on this civil matter. That is what it takes — everyone to work together to get things done. Finish the border wall in Texas and Arizona and keep the illegals out.

Take pride of your property. Keep it clean and neat. Be kinder to people, show respect, respect yourself. Let's work together for a better 2022 for everyone in this great country.

God bless the United States of America.

Gary "Stretch" Wright



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