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Too few are willing to read history books to learn the truth of what is possible and so it's only when history repeats itself that we know what will be coming next.

Fortunately I – and many others in my age group – remember well how Adolph Hitler was able to lead so many of his base/his people to believe that he was their "messiah." And because they chose to remain blind to the truth, they were easily led like sheep to the slaughter!

Indeed, it's becoming increasingly apparent that "thanks" to Trump's explicit blessings, he's allowing bigots (like him) to go about doing their business.

Apparently it's becoming more and more about DOING UNTO OTHERS BEFORE THEY DO IT UNTO US!

There's also Trump's "circle" of the rich and famous who have shown a brashness about using their power to amass perks and cash. It's a form of theft – taking what rightly belongs to others – and they're betting that they can get away with it … and they already are. (Ninety percent of all that tax refund money that Trump gave to the already rich one percent is proof of it!) And because of what he did, chances are that most hard working folks won't see much of anything more than what they've seen in previous years in their tax refund checks in the coming year. (By the way … that money he gave away could have easily paid for that stupid wall!)

There are no illusions about the awfulness of Trump's presidency and he's proving it ten-fold. Unfortunately, only those that are not blind to what is the truth are aware of it.

Americans of conscience better wake up to the handwriting that's no longer on the wall but has fallen to the floor and do something to push back pretty darn soon! And, certainly God isn't going to interfere with what man has "free will" to do.

Truly Abraham Lincoln warned us with his words that are well worth repeating today. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves!”

Joyce Hackett Smith-Moore


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