On MSNBC and CNN it was reported during an Aug. 22 interview with the New York state attorney general that there are presently 17 legal lawsuits against Donald Trump presently in the process.

The attorney general mentioned that lawsuits have been filed against Donald Trump almost every 2 weeks, and more pending in the investigation process.

It is quite evident that Donald Trump is trying to smear everybody so that he can "run out the clock" on his many legal issues. For example, one issue was brought up about investigating his lawlessness in applying for loans while he inflated his personal wealth to obtain massive loans. It was mentioned that this is perjury and against the law, and that they were having a problem with obtaining Donald Trump's taxes to substantiate his assets vs. providing banks/lending institutions with" false earnings." This information along with documentation was provided by attorney Michael Cohen to New York state prior to his incarceration.

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It is high time for our congressman, Mr. John Katko, to break ties with both "Moscow Mitch McConnell" and Donald Trump. We ask of "all" citizens in District 24 to write their legislators and ask for pressure to be applied to the powers that be, in obtaining the income taxes of Trump and apply pressure in the process as to apply speed to allow congress to investigate Donald Trump's business and personal income taxes.

Andres and Beatriz Villamarzo


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