Letter: Don't proselytize on the street at night

Letter: Don't proselytize on the street at night


On many occasions, unfortunately, I have run into religious missionaries (trying to be polite here) on poorly lit streets at night in Auburn using tactics that border on harassment. These are almost always big tall young men approaching lone women walking home from work or from the supermarket.

Bad idea. I would like to address the cults now and let me drop polite mode. Do not assume that because a woman is walking at night that we are lost souls, desperate needy people, uneducated or just weaklings. Do not assume you can just approach any woman in the dark when you do not know her. Any strange man approaching me at night is a potential threat to me, so based on my self defense training, your aggressiveness could get you hurt.

When someone ignores you or is not interested, drop it. Do not get sarcastic and taunt a person. I am a Christian and what you are doing is not any behavior Christ would condone.

I think the right people will read this message because you know who you are. Like our singer Toby Mac says, unwise Christians probably scare more people away from Christ than anyone else does.

Lisa Backus



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