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I submit this letter in support of the reporting done by David Wilcox and the rest of your reporters and photographers. David reports of a naysayer critical of his reporting on the Auburn-area beer scene. Downtown Auburn is seeing a resurgence after many years of decline. That's news, good news and should be reported. The good news goes far beyond the resurgence of the brew scene; there is dining and music, a bicycle trail connecting downtown to the lake, a new visitor center to welcome tourists who bring not only their dollars but may lure entrepreneurs to further revitalize the area. Former derelict housing is being upgraded. People actually want to be in Auburn.

Speaking to the naysayers, I'd ask, what do you want? Perhaps a return to the glory days of factories, bowling leagues and the 1950s family? No doubt these were fun times but they ain't coming back so let's roll with the good fortune of today. I just read that Auburn had a 3-percent population decline in 2017, let's hope it's an exodus of all that negativity and those of us remaining can enjoy our good fortune without all that doom and gloom.

Carl Cuipylo