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As a citizen of Genoa I feel it is my duty to publicly express my discontent with Lorie Sellen-Gross as supervisor for the town of Genoa.

Ms. Sellen-Gross used her position and your tax dollars to attempt to extract petty revenge against us. She contradicted the town's written comprehensive plan, and went as far as to have the town engage its rather expensive attorney to write letters to both the New York State Department of State, Division of Code Enforcement, and the New York State Department of Ag and Markets, and paying the town code enforcement officer to put on a pathetic dog and pony show in front of the justices in Syracuse. In the end, at a truly unbiased hearing in Syracuse the judges found unanimously in our favor.

In a town where we can not “afford” to give veterans their full STAR benefit, and the water coming from the town’s water district is often substandard, I find it interesting that they have the financial resources to bother with a couple of poor people just trying to get by.

We would like to point to an article in the last year about the Cayuga County board of ethics. To briefly recap we tried to bring Ms. Sellen-Gross and Mr. Piechuta up on ethics charges. Every reasonable person we ran this past agreed with us, but the Cayuga County board of ethics did not. The Cayuga County board of ethics reports to Keith Batman, who said he does not like to interfere with the board of ethics. Perhaps he would like to amend his wording to he likes to protect his political friends, as evidenced by his rather glowing support of Ms. Sellen-Gross in his letter to the editor last week.

If you want to drain the swamp, consider starting locally. Don’t re-elect Ms. Sellen-Gross.

Matthew Kleinnmann