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Trump now wants a North Korean-like, a Russian-like, a third-world Communist dictator-like military parade to file down Pennsylvania Avenue complete with tanks, with missiles and with our brave soldiers marching and saluting him to feed his poor, pitiful ego. This will waste millions and millions and millions of our taxpayer dollars ($22 million as of this morning's estimate and will be a logistical nightmare) for yet another of his pathetic idiotic whims, to outdo France, to deflect attention away from his own bad press, and for self-entertainment.

The military is not his personal plaything. Instead the U.S. is and has been under real cyber-security attack by Russia to disrupt and influence our elections and to cause dissention and damage our democracy. This is real war. Why does Trump deny cyber-attacks? Why is Congress not working on allocating bipartisan funding to stop current and prevent future cyber-attacks? Why is Congress not punishing Russia for cyber-attacks? U.S. Rep. John Katko, what are you going to do to work in a bipartisan manner to protect us against this threat, to denounce Russia, and to fund cyber-security programs? And what are you going to do to stop Cadet Bone Spur and his most recent incredulous stupid idea?

Laurie Roberts