Trump is publicly grandstanding again! Pushing for legalized imports of drugs from Canada is nothing but a ruse to get him re-elected. Less than a year ago he was against this idea. The plan was announced after Bernie Sanders announced he would be traveling to Canada with the group Insulin4All.

Trump's plan would exclude insulin and rheumatoid arthritis drugs. There are one hundred million adults in our country living with diabetes. I know firsthand that many do not take prescribed doses because of hoarding their insulin due to rising costs.

There are already signs that Canada will not agree to this plan. The pharmaceutical companies have come out against the plan. Why does Trump refuse to go after these corrupt pharmaceutical companies? These companies are vested in many politicians. U.S. Rep. John Katko has received donations from some of these companies. Big Pharm has received $50 billion in tax windfalls this year because of the tax reform bill. Katko voted for this bill. Drug prices continue to soar under Trump. Twenty prescription drugs saw price increases of more than 200% since Trump took office. There is no end in sight for rising drug and health care costs for average citizens.

Please vote your conscience in 2020 and remove corrupt politicians from Washington.

Rochelle Nestlerode


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