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I read your Sept. 30 letter, Tom Adessa, and I grade it an F. Why? Obviously because you’re living in a glass house looking at the world with rose-colored glasses on and not wanting to get real. Well I’m real and living in the real world and everything.

I wrote in my letter, which you’ve found fault with, from decades of seeing unfairness and nobody ever doing anything about it. Yeah, let’s not change a single thing. Yeah, no guaranteed jobs for people needing them, let’s just keep up the same old idea that eventually everything will be hunky dory. That’s not reality. Let me give you a good dose of reality relative to workers being treated unfairly.

When I first started working I was on piecework making minimum wage of $1.15 an hour. After a few months on the job, my piecework (I got real fast and really good at it) added up to twice what the company was paying me and employers didn’t like that so it added another worker doing the same piecework (sharing the piecework to bring me back to minimum wage) so I went elsewhere to work. That job paid a little over minimum wage and wasn’t unionized. For the same type of work in Syracuse, unionized workers were making more than double what this employer was paying. Fair? I don’t think so. When I worked five years part-time for the city I was paid minimum wage ($3.35 an hour) and when the day came to be hired as full-time, that job was given to somebody just out of high school who had a relative working in City Hall. Fair? I don’t think so.

So you see, Tom, this is what happens when you think fairness and equality exist in the job market. I gave you three examples from my own real experiences and why it doesn’t just happen. If the Guaranteed Jobs Program was in effect a long, long time ago I and others like me would have been given the opportunity that everyone should have to be 100 percent equal in the job market and treated fairly. I’m fed up to here with people like you and the GOP talking hogwash.

Presently, and going way back when, anyone who believes everyone can expect fairness in the workforce isn't dealing with a full deck. Employer manipulation and exploitation is reality. It was for me and others like me.

Murray Lynch


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