On July 24, the special counsel spoke and everybody listened (except for Republicans that is). It was apparent that the Republican Party was on the attack, and totally disregarded the entire "Russia meddling investigation" as they did not ask many questions regarding same but preferred to attack the special counsel and everybody else on the investigation team and Hillary Clinton.

We had the misfortune of reading the "Your View" section of the Citizen newspaper and a disgruntled voter (Trump supporter) blamed everybody else but Donald Trump for all of the ills in our country.

I'd like to point out that Donald Trump has just about insulted everybody in this country, to include people in Congress, the Senate, the NFL, the NBA, disabled reporters, disabled POW Vietnam veteran the late Sen. John McCain, Hispanics, African-Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, women, (he is alleged to have groped/sexually assaulted 22 women but nothing done to him), Hispanic judge and journalist. Basically, he has insulted just about everybody except for one group, "The Native Alaskan Eskimos" (let's just hope that he does not figure that one out). Trump has also insulted our allies, and many "do not care" to speak to him.

It is quite evident that the "anti-social Trump supporters" did not listen to the interview on July 16, 2018, at the so called "Russia/America Summit," and a reporter asked Vladimir Putin if he wanted Trump to win the election in 2016? Vladimir Putin responded twice "yes, I did, yes, I did." In listening to all of Trump's lies and objections to the investigation, he and his buddy were both in collusion. The only problem on all of this is, why hasn't this come out? Why didn't anybody at the hearing questioned why the Trump campaign made over 240 phone calls to Russia during the campaign? As much as I love my family, I have never called them this many times in over 25 years!

We voters were born at night, not last night! Wake up America and smell the coffee, and listen up to current events. Donald Trump is a pathological liar and cannot tell the truth about anything. Let's all come together and vote the Republican Party out as all they are good for is hiring the rich for White House positions and giving the rich tax breaks!

Andres and Beatriz Villamarzo


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