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I am writing this letter to The Citizen in response to an article Nov. 18, 2017, about the condition of the water hydrants in the village of Union Springs. I am appalled at the thinking of our elected officials in regard to this problem. It took a fire emergency at the Seventh Day Academy to realize we had a problem. The total water system for the village is 54 hydrants. We have 14 non-functioning hydrants. This is unacceptable!

Our volunteer firemen and the village DPW used to work together and flush and test all hydrants twice a year. I was mayor of the village for a number of years and we had a water reserve fund to cover problems like this. To repair three hydrants a year until all are repaired is ridiculous. The essence being the quicker you can attack a fire with water, the better off you are.

Thank goodness that wasn’t a dormitory on fire at the academy where life would be in the balance.

I think the fire department and the village should both be brought to task for this situation. If a capital fund project needs to be considered then so be it. The system is 80 years old. Our residents, students and firemen deserve to live and work in a safe environment.

James B. Minde

Union Springs

Minde is a former Union Springs mayor

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