Moderator: Will our next contestant come in and sign in please. Contestant signing in “John Q. Smith.”

Moderator: Welcome to our show, Mr. Smith. The panel is allowed nine incorrect answers. On the 10th incorrect answer, you win the game Mr. Smith. Panel Are you ready to play?

Panelists: “Yes we are!”

Moderator: Let’s start with Panelist No. 1

Panelist No. 1: Mr. Smith, does your job involve the government?

Mr. Smith: No.

Moderator: One down and nine to go; Panelist No. 2

Panelist No. 2: Mr. Smith, does your occupation have anything to do with sports?

Mr. Smith: No.

Moderator: Panelist No. 3

Panelist#3: Would your occupation be as an entertainer either in music or dancing?

Mr. Smith: No.

Moderator: Panelist No. 4

Panelist No. 4: Do people come to you in your occupation?

Mr. Smith: No.

Moderator: Four down and six to go. Panelist No. 1, you’re up.

Panelist No. 1: Mr. Smith, would your job be informative and could someone like myself be better off if I availed myself of your services?

Mr. Smith: Yes.

Panelist No. 2: Would your occupation be in the field of medicine?

Mr. Smith: No.

Moderator: Six down and four to go. We go to Panelist No. 3.

Panelist No. 3: Would your occupation be as a teacher?

Mr. Smith: Yes

Moderator: You’ve guessed Mr. Smith’s occupation. Now you have to guess what it is he teaches.

Panelist No. 3: Is it any of these? Science, Math, English, Geography, Foreign Language?

Mr. Smith: No

Moderator: Panelists, we’re getting low on time so I’m going to flip the other three cards over. Mr. Smith wins the game. I’ll tell you that Mr. Smith’s occupation is that of being a full time disciple of Jesus. Mr. Smith, how long have you been doing this?

Mr. Smith: Not long enough. Wish I had gotten into it longer than I’ve been. It’s very rewarding.

Moderator: Is it possible for anyone to get into this field?

Mr. Smith: As long as they know a lot of good religious teachings. Jesus never has enough disciples to spread the good news of God.

Moderator: Thank you Mr. Smith. It was good having you on the show.

Murray Lynch


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