I noticed Andrew Dennison, in his recent letter to the editor, does not cite Canadians losing their home or declaring bankruptcies because of the high cost of medical treatment. Instead, he repeats the often-anecdotal stories of long waiting times often forcing Canadians to come to the states for medical treatments. Actually, most Canadians are tourists encountering medical problems. Mr. Dennison argues against single payer because the Canadian program does not cover prescriptions, dental care and eye care. Apparently, he is ignorant that the New York Health Act covers these items and much more.

Specifically, the New York Health Act covers comprehensive care including primary, preventive, specialists, hospital, mental health, reproductive health care, as well as, dental, vision, hearing, prescription drugs, lab tests, medical supplies, and transportation services. Costs will be covered through additional progressive taxes: The poorest pay nothing, while those making $200,000 or more pay the most. Also, taxpayers will not have to bear the costs that health insurers spend on advertising, lobbying and of the outlandish compensation for insurance company’s CEOs. Under the New York Health Act, doctors will be able to concentrate on providing quality health care to their patients. And New Yorkers will not have to choose between food or prescriptions.

The bottom line is that 98 percent of New Yorkers will pay less for healthcare and get better treatment to boot. Why would any public official such as Andrew Dennison be against a program that guarantees every New Yorker the right to medical care?

Richard Spencer


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