In response to Rev. Joyce Hacket Smith-Moore letter to the editor about how President Trump and his followers pretend to be Christians but are being hypocritical and contradicting the teachings of god: Well does god believe in abortion? And does god call that freedom of choice like the Democrats do? You said god is the creator of all things so isn’t god the creator of that baby whose heart is beating? Somehow people flocking to this country for a so-called “better life” are more deserving than that child? Maybe it's because those people flocking to this country, that the Democrats want to just give everything to for free, will be a voter for those Democrats quicker than that child would be. I know that sounds harsh but I don’t live in Utopia. I live in the real world.

Andrew Dennison


Andrew Dennison is the District 2 legislator on the Cayuga County Legislature.

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