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Last year I was notified of an event in Palmyra relating to veteran legislation. Senator Gillibrand would be presenting the plan. Basically it would have given more help to returning vets to acquire better jobs. It was a small group compared to the next day's event.

The Palmyra VFW had a special event finally welcoming home returning Vietnam vets. This was a packed house and a nice lunch was served.

Congressman John Katko spoke but not much on the topic of Vietnam. Instead he brought up the football controversy with some players protesting police abuse. He reiterated several times how he hated these acts and felt it to be disrespectful of veterans. His expression reminded me of how Trump works up his mob. Now does this sound like a moderate? Did John Katko rebuke Trump when he ridiculed our Senator Gillibrand?

Being a Vietnam veteran I wholly support free speech and our Constitution. I will fight with all my heart to keep us free as Dana Balter will also.

Republican Assemblyman Bob Oaks also spoke little of Vietnam and those who sacrificed. Instead he rambled on of his insecurities of his job and fellow Republicans. Our candidate for state Assembly District 130, Scott Comegys, is also a very sincere candidate like Dana Balter. He ran for the 24th also but dropped out and wholly supports Dana Balter. I have met him several times. If constituents want a better future we must turn away from a party that serves only the wealthy and privileged.

I have talked to many voters who have been overcome with hopelessness and see avoidance as a way out. I tell them do something positive to help remedy our bump in the road. Our town committee worked to get Dana the best primary turnout in years. Not a lot of time but it sure did pay off. Got a lot of future volunteers for November.

Don't forget to give all you can to help Dana. Staff isn't free and it's a very long day with lots of expense.

There are also many non-registered. If you know someone who hasn't registered please tell them their vote gives them a voice.

Now 50 years later we are still fighting a war. These wars have produced more veterans than Vietnam. Where is the end game? These wars have cost us more than the GOP tax scam. Of course the far greater cost is our servicemen. Why is our present administration offending our allies and coddling our enemies?

John Hoefen