U.S. Rep. John Katko needs to vote no on any version of the GOP tax cut giveaway to billionaires and corporations when it returns to the House of Representatives. Senate Republicans quickly rammed their tax bill through before full analysis and debate could take place. The bill is very unpopular with the public, including 13 million people who could lose health care and the millions more burdened by the ripple effect of increased insurance premiums.

The tax cut is the Trump-Republican coalition continuing its attack on the working class. The bill features permanent corporate tax cuts at a time when corporate profits are through the roof, yet increases taxes on 30 percent of Americans! As a physician, I already see enough working families suffer, and hear about their struggles with health insurance loss and medication costs. This takes a toll on my soul.

Despite the large tax cut my family will receive and doesn't need, I feel I must speak out and work against the continued damage inflicted on working people by this President and Congress.

We can see through Trump and the GOP to their disdain for working people and their loyalty to the ultra wealthy. Their failed attempts to cut healthcare, as well as this tax increase for millions of Americans, deserve to be condemned. Unfortunately we have to wait until next November to continue the trend in voting the bums out.

Rep. Katko should keep this in mind when voting no on whatever version of the tax bill comes back to the House of Representatives. He would do better to offer a real plan for universal health care and tax relief for poor and working class families.

Dr. Sunny Aslam