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The gun debate opponents are not listening. The issue is not about the Second Amendment. Taking guns away from all citizens is not on the table. What is being presented is an attempt to control who has access to guns and what guns are to be available.

A very small amount of people have given guns a bad name through the murderous mayhem they have caused. What is needed is to stop insulting each other over one's point of view, be it liberal or conservative. The notion of holding onto everyone has the right to own guns has to be let go of, it is not working. There are other nations who have a much better track record of allowing gun ownership and monitoring who gets to have the privilege of ownership.

I am a redneck liberal; I own guns, hunt, but see no need for assault weapons. I think people with records of domestic violence, mental instability or other anti-social behavior should not be able to purchase a weapon. We have a huge problem, let's work on it together, liberals and conservatives.

Vance O'Donnell