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In a recent letter Ronald Woodburn Jr. implied that the cause of mass shootings is that God was taken out of our schools. He reinforces a common myth that prayer is not allowed in our schools and went on to offer the opinion that Bible readings would somehow improve the situation. Sorry, Mr. Woodburn, but America is the most religious nation in the developed world and we have the most mass shootings. If we have learned one thing from one mass shooting after another it is that, however well-meaning, mere thoughts and prayers simply do not work. Perhaps we should try facts and logic instead of begging an invisible man who lives in the sky to grant us a reprieve from gun violence.

It's not rocket science folks ... we have the most guns and the easiest access to guns and if guns made us safer we would have the fewest such incidents, not the most of any comparable nation. We need a broad-based approach that does not look to any one incident but places reasonable and Constitutional federal restrictions on guns and ammo like laws that were in place before and can be put in place again. Perhaps we could model federal laws after New York state's SAFE act.

States with the strongest gun laws, such as New York, have the fewest gun deaths but we cannot rely on the states due to the fact that guns are portable and can be taken to nearby cities like Chicago. Justice Antonin Scalia said in the Heller decision that the right to own a gun is not unlimited. There is no logical legal reason for any individual to own any assault weapon. They were designed only for military use yet can be purchased by any individual at a gun show in any of 33 states. That's insane.

Young people are our hope for the future and perhaps this time may be different as they vote out politicians such as Mr. Trump who have been bought and paid for by the NRA, an organization that has bestowed upon America the most well-armed mass-murderers in the world! Canada has mentally ill people and the same violent movies, video games and hunting culture yet it has about one-seventh the death by gun rate we do. Sensible NATIONAL gun laws make the difference and could do so here in the United States. Strong comprehensive federal gun safety legislation is long overdue.

Thomas Hanley