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Hold on, Tom “Mr. Statistics” Adessa, would you or would you not consider guns weapons of mass destruction? What’s that you say, Tom? That’s right better take time to think about it. See, Tom, a gun is what it is, a killing weapon. And in the last few years with all these senseless deaths, it truly has become a weapon of mass destruction. If that’s what it’s become get rid of them and stop making any more of them. Here’s another question for you, Tom? What would Jesus do? That’s not a hard one, Tom. Relative to hunter’s guns haven’t hunters been guilty of reckless shooting at anything moving in the woods? How many innocent lives have been lost by hunters recklessly mistaking a human for a deer? It’s happened many a time and it’s going to continue to happen. Walking through the woods and even homes nearby people have been shot by reckless shooting. This is a big deal and not to be said that it isn’t. All these stats you’re giving out about the odds are against anything bad happening don’t really have any bearing on what is reality. If something in any way shape or form is detrimental to the well-being of society get rid of it. Church shooting, movie shootings, night club shootings, drive-by shootings; all by people with guns. It’s too much, enough is enough. I’ve managed to survive without hunting. I do my shooting, shooting pool, shooting strikes and shooting hoops. There’s plenty of shooting to do, doing that, not endangering others or myself. One more question to you, Tom. What were the odds on me leaving home, going to the grocery store, parking my vehicle in the parking lot and, as I was exiting heard a loud noise and breaking glass of my passenger side window being shot out? Anyone in the vehicle in the back seat could have been killed or seriously injured. So I’m guessing the odds on that happening are 500,000 to 1 (having had a window shot out). So if I’m the one out of 500,00 that should be proof positive that it could happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere. Ban guns now and the madness of guns taking innocent lives should cease. For God’s sake in the name of God argue against that.

Murray Lynch ​


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