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After reading the articles on Sunday I began to think that the big-time advocates of preserving the Schines Theater have lost their minds. What’s the point of preserving the Schines Theater for future generations to appreciate if those future generations are dying off from heroin overdoses!

Over this past weekend alone there were three heroin overdoses reported in the Auburn area. I firmly believe our priorities are backwards and if they continue down the path we are on, the future for our children, grandchildren, etc. is looking very dismal. If the local and state government can pump an estimated $6 million into a theater for posterity why in God’s name can’t we support the Heroin Epidemic Action League in the same manner?

The end of the day result is simple, “Save our children first, then worry about saving an old building for posterity." Get your heads out of your derrieres before it’s too late. Your major support of the group HEAL would really be appreciated by the families whose lives have been impacted by the heroin scourge in our county. We don’t need to lose any more children from this. Additional funds mean more and better education and treatment for this group’s work which, by the way, is fantastic. One last thought: Someone in your family could be next.

Tom Ostrander