I'm tired of hearing the question, "Should President Trump be impeached?" The answer is "yes" and the House should begin impeachment proceedings as soon as possible.

Efforts must be made to remove Mr. Trump from office regardless of:

• any potential backlash to the Democratic Party's hopes for Democratic candidates in 2020;

• the polling that shows "only" 39% of voters favor impeachment;

• the belief that impeachment is being used as a tool to overturn the 2016 election results;

• the likelihood that Republicans in the Senate will block Trump's removal;

Although the Mueller Report identified numerous examples of Trump giving aid and comfort to a foreign adversary and obstructing justice (both crimes) we didn't need a damning report to tell us so. In real time and on video we have all seen Trump siding with Russia and obstructing justice numerous times. Do Trump supporters believe what Trump tells them over what they've seen and heard? Apparently they do as about 37% of Americans approve of Trump as do over 80% of Republicans. What does that say about the Republican Party? In a rational world a Trump support rate of 1% should be extremely disturbing. So much for the Republican Party being the party of values.

Leaders are supposed to lead and Democratic leaders in the House should not think of this in political terms. In any case, the backlash that was seen when Bill Clinton's approval rating rose during impeachment is not what we will see with Trump's impeachment. President Clinton was a competent president who was impeached for lying under oath about cheating on his wife. Does anyone really think that's equal to treason and obstruction of justice?

It's been said by the right that impeachment is an effort to overturn the outcome of the 2016 election to which I respond ... "Duh!!!" Of course it is (for justifiable cause) ... just as the framers of our Constitution intended. Whether or not Trump can be removed from office with Republicans controlling the Senate is of no matter. Desperate times demand desperate measures and Republicans in Congress have neglected to exert a check and balance on a dangerous man. Mueller specifically left it up to Congress to take action and now it's time for Democrats to do so. If Democratic leaders neglect their duty they will join the Republican Party in being relegated to the ash heap of history.

Thomas Hanley


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