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Here’s letter No. 9 since you seem to be keeping track, Mr. Phillips. If you do your homework you’ll see that when we passed the raise for the legislators one of the original proposals was to tie it to minimum-wage, which I thought was ridiculous because that would’ve made the salary over $20,000 in a few years, then $18,000 was brought up and the resolution that was brought forward that night was $15,000. I made an amendment to that resolution to make it $13,500 starting in 2019 because that seemed more in line with where it should be since the last raise 13 years ago.

I won’t throw anyone under the bus by using their names but most of the Democrats agreed with that number; actually some would’ve been happier with the $15,000 number but they voted no because they’re up for re-election next year. So they voted no for purely political reasons! I vote no on our budget because I don’t believe in the theory of let’s just pass it and we’ll find savings next year. I’ve owned my own business for 30-plus years and don’t have that luxury to think that way but it’s a lot easier to think that way when you’re spending somebody else’s money, the taxpayers money! I believe we should and can find the savings before we finalize a budget.

I'm in favor of the county's new website because I think it would make it easier for the taxpayers to keep track of us and if you look back, The Citizen even quoted me on that. You must have forgotten the primary of the Independence line against Mr. Petrus and Mr. Ripley, where less than 40 people between the two districts showed up to vote last year. Didn’t that cost the taxpayers money to hold those primaries, Mr. Phillips? Then chair of the Legislature, Democrat Keith Batman, was in Mr. Petrus' district getting petitions signed to force that primary last year. So, yes, we could go back-and-forth with this nonsense forever but as I’ve said in those previous letters that you seem to be keeping track of it’s time for the nonsense to stop. We’re not Albany and we’re not Washington, D.C.

Andrew Dennison


Dennison is a Cayuga County legislator representing District 2

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