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It was just reported that Trump's lawyer does not want him to testify before Mueller and, just as I predicted weeks ago, I believe that Trump will never do so. Make no mistake about it .... Mr. Trump never intended to testify and has always planned to use his lawyer's advice as an excuse. He will say "I really want to testify but I have to follow the advice of my lawyer."

If Trump was truly innocent he would insist on testifying before Mueller and eagerly look forward to it. There is only one true story to tell and it is only a "perjury trap" if he were to lie. The key phrase here is "If Trump were truly innocent" and if that was the case he would NOT continually try to obstruct Mueller's investigation at every turn.

Trump is the most dishonest, disreputable, sleazy and corrupt individual to have ever soiled the office of the presidency; nevertheless, if he is exonerated by Mueller I will accept his conclusion. If he is as guilty as it seems the only thing that can save our nation and its credibility in the eyes of the world is the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Thomas Hanley


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