The Bob Mueller report was presented to Congress on July 24. He testified in great detail about his findings about President Trump. Every American should be concerned about how our government and democracy work. I watched all seven hours; he was excellent and thorough on what he said. He stuck by his report, which was very smart. The president can't be indicted while in office. He sure can after he leaves.

Make no mistake about this, President Donald J. Trump is a liar, bully and is crooked. His whole administration is like that. I strong believe he committed obstruction of justice and abuse of power. Anyone else would be in jail for what he has done. This is the most corrupt administration since Watergate.

The Democrats can do the following: Vote on impeachment in the House or wait for the 2020 presidential and congressional elections. The do-nothing Republican Senate won't vote yes to remove him from office. The reason is because they are liars and thieves themselves. In Watergate, Republicans crossed over for impeachment. Until they cross over, it won't happen.

The Democrats have to get Joe Biden for president. The others are all crazy for Medicare for all, free college tuition. You'll bankrupt Medicare before 2026 and put the country in a deeper hole to get out of. You can't afford that with a $22 trillion deficit. No one goes to school free; that is crazy. Legalize marijuana; that is so stupid and crazy. We have a drug problem in this country. Why make it worse?

President Trump says the Russian problem with our election is a hoax. Bob Mueller says it is a great problem to our democracy. The do-nothing Republicans went after Mueller at the hearing. He came right back at them; held his ground. That is a good man.

This country better wake up, wake up fast. My big question is this: Is this going to be the trend that politicians are going to do?

Democrats, get back supporting working men and women in our great country. A lot of you have gotten off track on this. Get back to supporting the unions. The working people are the backbone of our country. Hold the president accountable and his lying supporters in Congress. If we don't do this, the country will go down.

Don't forget this: Get a discipline and respect bill signed for all 50 states not a marijuana bill. God help us all, we need that. God bless the United States of America.

Gary "Stretch" Wright


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