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Letter: Integrity of democracy rooted in law equity

Letter: Integrity of democracy rooted in law equity


In all facets of life, as Americans, we are grounded in etched-dialogue that sculpt and mold our actions and reactions as societal acceptable norms. We are constantly reminded by framer’s intellectual penmanship that eloquent doctrine epitomizes precedence that guides democracy. The layout of what commonality amongst citizens should avail is this country’s core strength.

The challenges and discourse within the walls of government over the past few years have stressed the very fibers of the U.S.’s binding-law, which allowed the induction of questions that highlight systemic vulnerability and its validity of credence! The damaging sequella is depleted governmental shadowing that spews dysfunctional social spores, which deteriorate our moral compass; causing riots, insurrection, hatred, division, sub-par economical integrity and chronic family decay. The purpose of power and law must always be steadfast.

Our inspiration as a nation thrives on the strength and equity in law! Our hope as a country is simmered in guided principles, which encompasses the pride of law and the integrity of democracy. Our balance as a U.S. society is not just the mere spirit of hope or the charisma of political jargon, but the strength of personal threads that entwine our country’s web of life.

Dennis Walter Smith Sr.

Seneca Falls


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