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I write in enthusiastic support of the candidacy of Steven Buschman for the position of Auburn City Court judge. Steve, who was born and raised in Auburn, is a long-time practicing attorney and the founding member and senior partner at WHMB PC. For over 20 years he has represented thousands of clients in Auburn and the surrounding area in both criminal and civil matters and has litigated in all of the local courts, including city court, county court, family court and state Supreme Court.

As a past legislator, I, along with the rest of our beloved city and county, have witnessed first-hand the scourge of drug abuse and addiction that has plagued our community. Steve, whose involvement in civil matters is well known and has been highlighted by many, is fully committed to a multi-disciplinary approach to combating this epidemic along with the host of mental and behavioral issues that addicts typically face. Some say that judicial experience is important. I believe however that Steve’s extensive experience in private practice and the over 20 years of accumulated wisdom learned, makes him uniquely qualified to be our full-time city court judge and address the drug epidemic as well as other important criminal and civil matters in an even handed manner while always ensuring the public safety of the members of our community. Indeed, many if not most judges — including current and previous judicial officers in Cayuga County — assumed office with no prior judicial experience yet have served honorably and effectively.

Finally I wholeheartedly believe in Steve’s motto of “people over politics” and his commitment to ensuring equal justice regardless of political affiliation or socio-economical class. I also believe that Steve’s words are not merely empty rhetoric. The office of city court judge, indeed, all judicial offices, are or should be apolitical and Steve is the best candidate to ensure the same.

I urge all Auburnians to vote for Steven H. Buschman for Auburn City Court judge in both the Democratic primary on Sept. 13 and the general election on Nov. 6.

Jerry Secaur ​


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