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What makes a good judge?

After research I have compiled a list of qualities that are representative of qualities you find in an excellent judge. I truly believe that Steven Buschman possess these qualities and is the best choice for our next judge.

Judicial temperament: Steven possesses the ability to communicate calmly and listen considerately to all sides of an argument before making a determination.

Intelligence: Steven is one of the smartest people I have met. Not only in his knowledge of the law but on a vast array of subjects that involve the daily lives of our community members.

Understanding diversity: In an ever changing world Steven has shown a commitment to diversity both personally and professionally. This is extremely important based upon the population of the community and those affected by city court.

Sensitivity to the community’s needs: In such a locally important position it is necessary to understand all people I the community regardless of their political affiliation or societal class. Steven treats all equally and knows all the different types of people who live among us based upon his life experience and commitment to the community for years.

As Socrates once described a judge should be one “to hear courteously, to answer wisely, to consider soberly and to decide impartially.”

Steven Buschman has my full support based upon the above and I ask you to consider and support him too as he is the best choice for our community.

Jean Murphy Rhodes​


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