Our judicial system has continued to fail to respect the law. For the past years chaos increased, due to the liberalism of those who are in administration, who continue to be bleeding hearts.

The recent attacks on the New York City police officers is a good sample.

No respect by those "street thugs" of young age toward the police officers who were simply on duty protecting those neighborhoods.

No other person would stand idle without the reaction to defend themselves, after having been provoked by any of those bums.

Where was Gov. “King“ Andrew Cuomo? He did not come out of his “den“ in defense of those who protect his kingdom.

What a shame for the entire country and the world to see the humiliation of the New York City Police Department. Had these police officers defended themselves, many of the black politicians and others would have raised a tremendous outcry for police brutality, plus hundreds more would be on the streets in protest and destroying the neighborhoods.

A family tree starts from its roots and if the roots do not grow properly, the tree will not be straight.

Straight, to grow among the foliage to prosper, respecting the other surroundings.

I wonder how would any of those politicians, including Mayor de Blasio, would have reacted if they were attacked in a similar way. Charges of assault to a public official would have been executed.

This heinous behavior shown by these “street thugs” should not be tolerated. Punishments have existed since humanity, and when needed should be applied. If not, there is no control to the bad behavior.

Are the parents of those “thugs” involved proud of their children's action, who were laughing, ridiculing, as they were assaulting those who were there to protect them?

We do hope that the administrative judiciary system will not continue to have so much leniency for those who purposely and intentionally attack those who serve to uphold the law, and then became the victim. We'll see if that “victim“ will now be well-represented. Respect is now disappearing because at times, the tutor has not received the proper guidance.

All lives matter, from the womb to the tomb.

Paolo (Paul) Saltarello


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