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Letter: Kamala Harris biased against Catholics

Letter: Kamala Harris biased against Catholics


As a life member of Council 207, Auburn Knights of Columbus, I would be remiss if I did not comment on the character of the vice president nominee of the Democratic Party.

Ms. Harris, as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, challenged the nomination of Brian Buescher for the U.S. District Court for Nebraska because she thought he belonged to an extreme religious organization, namely the Knights of Columbus. She also pressured the nominee to resign from "that organization" entirely.

First and foremost, the Constitution explicitly forbids imposing any religious test of public office. The Knights of Columbus is an organization which follows the dogma of the Catholic church, and if a member of the Knights is ineligible to serve on the federal bench, then every Catholic in the United States would also be ineligible. The Knights was founded in 1882, in part to counter anti-Catholic bigotry, and unfortunately such bigotry still exists.

She has also exhibited anti-Catholic bigotry in all her actions on that committee when interviewing candidates for the federal judiciary. Mr. Biden is complicit with her attitude since he accepted her as his running mate with those beliefs. It would be a horrible situation if he is elected president and is unable to fulfill his term and this person would become president.

For those who would question my motivation in writing this letter, understand that I am not anti-female or anti-Black female. I have a daughter and four granddaughters who I fully support in whatever endeavor they pursue and I would support a Black female or male for any public office if qualified.

I urge my fellow Knights to remember this person's bias when exercising your right to vote.

John C. Rossi


Jeremy Boyer can be reached at (315) 282-2231 or Follow him on Twitter @CitizenBoyer


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