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A child died in New Mexico at the border, from dehydration and shock last week. A 7-year-old little Guatemalan girl, almost the same age as my granddaughter. Her father brought her to the border, hoping to enter under international law to ask for asylum from a poor country in ruins. She found an immoral country in ruins where she was separated from her father and where she died after her condition was ignored for at least nine and a half hours.

John Katko proudly told us last fall that he sits on the Homeland Security committee of the House of Representatives, where he has legislative “oversight” duties — an obligation to review the acts and policies of the executive branch to legislate improvements.

In a press release last week, Mr. Katko scored a great photo of himself signing cards to heroes at the Red Cross. Though Mr. Katko has time to show up for a Red Cross photo op, smiling as if to say “Look at me,” he apparently has no time for victims of his own president’s brutal, illegal and uncivilized treatment of children. He has announced no hearings; he has made no statement condemning or chastising or criticizing or even describing the horrid events that led a child of 7 to a slow and painful death.

I could understand this better if the little girl had some undiagnosed cancer or an internal disease that would go unnoticed. But this child died of thirst and fear. Thirst and fear. We need new policies that give children glasses of water and medical attention when we abduct them from their parents.

We sent John Katko to Washington to make those changes. He has failed us again.

Harris Lindenfeld


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