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Mr. Katko could have proven he is with working people by voting no against the GOP tax giveaway to the super wealthy. Despite polls and pleas of local elected officials indicating overwhelming opposition for the tax bill, Katko voted yes on this bill. CNY deserves better.

Mr. Katko has stepped up on some issues. He voted against the GOP repeal and replace efforts of the Affordable Care Act. He signed onto a Republican Climate Resolution acknowledging Congress must do something about the harms of fossil fuels on our climate. Working people need him to do more. Where is his plan for guaranteed health care for all? Why doesn't he sponsor a revenue neutral carbon tax based on the market principles he talks about?

I recently contacted Rep. Katko's office to oppose dismantling internet neutrality. I received a deceptively written letter that he opposes regulations of the internet. I suspected this meant he was against net neutrality. I was correct! Polls and public opinion, other than fake comments on the FCC web site, are nearly unanimous on this issue. What consumer would want to give up even more control of the internet to corporations? Imagine having access to news on corporate mergers redirected, slowed or blocked by the company being reported on.

We already cede internet control to telecom companies instead of having public broadband, such as in many cities like Chattanooga, Tennessee. Public broadband has allowed for failing local economies to use the internet to generate local profits to build communities instead of for a few investors.

If Mr. Katko wants to build trust with his constituents, he could have started by voting against this harmful tax bill. Now he could sponsor a middle class guaranteed health care plan like Medicare for All and support fellow GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik's efforts to maintain net neutrality. I don't expect that Mr. Katko can be moved without immense activism on the public's part. Let's get to work.

Sunny Aslam