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There have been a lot of letters about Mr. Katko and his lack of action. I agree with every single one of them. Mr. Katko should stop pounding his chest as he looks as bad as the man deriding our country.

Now, I think, even though I didn’t vote for him this year, Katko still has a duty to represent everyone in District 24. It appears he will only tout his accomplishments with those who donated to his campaign, were invited to his rallies, paid $1,000 to a private luncheon with the VP, and not the rest of the district.

Now, a phrase he used in an article dated Nov. 21: “odds are stacked against me” may be coming true at least from me. Two children died in custody of CBP! You are on the House Homeland Security Committee! That’s on you and the rest of your committee. Russia congratulated that idiot commander in chief about pulling troops out of Syria. Putin asked about Afghanistan and the same bully agreed to pull troops out of there. Where are you in all of this? What do you have to say about this?

The government shutdown is on you and all of your participating Republicans. Using extortion for a wall but letting Russia, Putin and Saudi Arabia in the front door. That is disgraceful!

I am sure that you and your family as well as those who work for you all had a nice Christmas. Can’t say the same for your own TSA agents and CPB agents, working with no pay at holiday time and an uncertain future of when they will get paid.

So to you, stop saying the odds are stacked against you. Knock the stack down with action and more communication in your district. Don’t blab about how sad something was, but talk about how you are going to stand up and really really take action now!

As for your boss, Trump, if you like how he is doing things for himself and family, not listening to his advisors, going off the rails, just come out and say so. The rest of us are not mind readers! At least we will know where we stand.

Remember, Ms. Dana Balter worked hard and almost beat you! She will do it next time, I hope!

When a job needs to be done, ask a woman and watch!

R.L. Searles


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