Letter: Katko has been derelict in his duties

Letter: Katko has been derelict in his duties

I read the article about Mr. Katko and impeachment on the Saturday, Nov. 23, front page. Mr. Katko admits he has not watched a lot of testimony but has been “briefed” by staff. If there is a very high bar for impeachment, as Mr. Katko claims in the article, wouldn't those who are to vote on the matter fully inform themselves prior to voting? Mr. Katko still mouths the GOP talking points from pre-inquiry dates, which tells me his briefing was poorly done. I believe Mr. Katko like others in his party believe that if they purposefully “see no evil, hear no evil" they can continue to tell untruths that a third of the country, the poorly informed, will believe.

In my opinion, Mr. Katko is derelict in his duties as our representative. There is no matter more pressing than removing a president who has committed a crime from office. I listened to all the impeachment inquiry. I heard first-hand testimony which indicated that our president solicited a bribe from a foreign ally before he would release military aid voted on by Congress to them or hold a meeting with their newly elected president in the Oval Office, giving them the prestige needed to negotiate with Russia, the country that invaded them and continues to battle them in a “hot war.“ I listened to a continuous stream of conspiracy theories by the GOP members of the intelligence committee over the last two weeks and learned from the testimony of Fiona Hill that those very conspiracy theories are promulgated by the Russians to deflect their interference in the 2016 election.

Mr. Katko may be a former prosecutor but he does a poor job of indicating he is interested in the rule of law. From his previous responses to the Mueller Report (which outlined numerous instances of obstruction of justice by our president and also indicated all manner of contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election) and his neglect to listen to the impeachment inquiry testimony, he fails us as a representative no matter how many local goodies he provides.

Patricia Beer



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