Letter: Katko is part of the problem in DC

Letter: Katko is part of the problem in DC


Life in America is no longer normal. Not what I grew up with. Not the way we taught our kids. Too many government acts fall outside our ideas of right and wrong.

We began by announcing that Mexicans were criminals. We now, matter of factly, put children in cages. And we ignore court orders requiring the children be removed quickly. Instead we ask the court why we have to give them beds, toothbrushes and water to drink. That is not normal.

We discriminate against people because of religion or gender identity, demanding that some people stay out of the country and that some stay out of the bathrooms. To suggest that is normal contradicts our founding principles.

We withhold aid from states and territories based on the personal disposition of one man. Puerto Rico has not even received the sparse aid it was promised, because they’re brown. And California burns — because California voted Democratic.

The president refuses to cooperate with the impeachment process claiming it is “unconstitutional.” And he asks his buddy to go to Ukraine and convince the government to start a false investigation to make his political opponent look bad, at the risk of losing $400 million in badly needed aid.

None of this is normal. Normal would be hearing our congressman condemn this authoritarian administration. Normal to meet his constituents to learn our thoughts. But Mr. Katko is not normal either. No bills for children in cages; no speeches in Congress; no op-eds to mark his disapproval; and not a single public meeting in more than two years to hear and understand our views. We cannot accept this as “normal” because it isn’t! We must return to real American values and find a real representative to help because Mr. Katko is unable or unwilling.

Harris Lindenfeld



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