Congressman John Katko has proved himself a reliable ally in the fight towards reforming our broken immigration system.

As a proponent of bipartisanship, Katko introduced legislation last year that would have allocated funds for a border wall while also providing a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers.

However, lately, when faced with an onslaught of new far-left immigration proposals, Katko has a record to show that he isn't also afraid to stand up in opposition to legislation that is just too extreme.

This week in the Auburn Citizen's article, the paper highlighted this record with Katko's stance in opposition to efforts to make New York a sanctuary state. In his own words Katko said, "Efforts to thwart federal law enforcement should never be encouraged, and I strongly believe legislation before the New York state Legislature to designate New York as a 'sanctuary state' is dangerous policy." Coming from someone who has served as a federal prosecutor along the southern border and who currently serves on the Homeland Security Committee, Katko truly understands the threat of ignoring the laws put in place to keep our country safe.

I applaud Congressman Katko for also standing against a New York State measure to give drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants and a bill from Washington Democrats that would jeopardize our security by allowing citizenship to be granted to known gang members.

To even begin to reform our country's immigration system, Washington needs to understand what Katko already has: the solution to this problem will not come from the fringe elements but from those who are willing to come to the table and hash out a compromise.

Ida Slaski


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