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John Katko’s latest email plea for money is sad and pitiful. He starts by demonizing Nancy Pelosi, who he claims is “coming to our district in 2018” with her “far-left” agenda. No, Nancy Pelosi is not running in the New York 24th Congressional District. Is this an attempt to undermine a woman in power?

He further claims that “far-left candidates are popping out of the woodwork.” This is another attempt to vilify candidates who are from central New York. Two women have declared their candidacy. Both live in Syracuse. He claims they are bringing “radical policies” to central New York. No, they are from central New York. Again, he is wrong.

Because John Katko has not met with constituents in an open meeting since he has been in office he seems to not recognize central New York values. He calls himself a moderate but he is following the lead of Paul Ryan and Donald Trump. According to Project 538 John Katko votes with the Trump administration nearly 90 percent of the time. He falsely claims to be a moderate.

John Katko is following the far-right lead of the president. You know Donald Trump who said that people marching in Charlottesville, under a Nazi flag, were good people; Donald Trump who said that he and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, president of Turkey and authoritarian politician, are on the same wavelength; Donald Trump who praises Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, known for his oppression and execution of citizens within his country; Donald Trump who invited the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Larov and Russian’s U.S. Ambassador Sergey Kislyak to meet in the Oval Office at the behest of Russian President Vladimir Putin while excluding the U.S. press.

If anyone is trampling on central New York values it is John Katko and his far-right partner in Washington, Donald Trump.

Mickey Belosi


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