Last week Rep. John Katko says Donald Trump was "wrong" for his racist comments and behavior. One day afterwards, during the House resolution vote to condemn Trump for his remarks, Rep. John Katko again displayed his tribalism and voted with the House Republicans not to condemn Donald Trump and his racism. Confusing!

In the past, our congressman voted for the "Robin Hood Tax Reform" (rob from the poor and give to the rich), in which the rich/wealthy received 83% of the so-called tax reform and at the same time made them permanent, while back at the ranch, Donald Trump gives the poor and middle class the 17% of the crumbs left and made these tax cuts temporary.

We are living in times whereas our personal and property taxes are rising faster than our incomes, making life more and more difficult at the grocery stores or paying bills. Our representative has done one thing for sure, and that is he has consistently voted with Republican when it came to time to voting for favorable laws that enrich the wealthy and punish the working citizens of the great city of Auburn New York.

Lastly, we hope Rep. Katko is listening to this, as we were born at night, not last night! Let's come together for the common cause/good of all citizens and vote the Republican party into new jobs such as  sewage treatment operator, dog catcher or refuse collection. These are jobs whereas Republicans will not be able to harm the poor or working people of this country. Vote Blue in 2020.

Andres and Beatriz Villamarzo


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