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Our representative, John Katko, frequently says he keeps our views in mind when he casts votes in the House. And those votes have turned out to be closely aligned with his party and the president. One website asserts that he has voted with the president almost 90 percent of the time, though the 24th Congressional District voted blue in 2016.

Now we need to know his position before he votes. The producers of the infamous Steele Dossier, Fusion GPS, spent 21 hours testifying before Congressional committees about the origins of their work and the evidence of Donald Trump’s extensive business ties with Russia, Putin and the oligarchs. And they spelled out some of their testimony in the New York Times. They do not paint a pleasant portrait of Mr. Trump. But for some unspecified and unknown reason, Mr. Katko’s party doesn’t want us to see that testimony — doesn’t want to make public transcripts of that testimony.

Before the Republican majorities of those committees try to shut down the investigations, we need an answer from Mr. Katko whether he thinks we should see that testimony. We need to know whether he will continue his 90-percent support of his bully-buddy in the White House or stand up for the majority of central New Yorkers who want the truth and transparency.

These issues, after all, are not partisan. They are the foundation of our republic. Will Representative Katko respond to his constituents and demand truth, or will he fold before party demands and complete the sale of our nation to Mr. Putin? We deserve an answer before the sale, not after.

Harris Lindenfeld