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This letter is regarding John Katko's record as a moderate Republican. I disagree with his vote on tax reform. I received his standard letter why he voted for the GOP tax change.

He has voted in favor of the Trump administration 88 percent of the time, which includes banning abortions and health care money for abortions, repeal a rule to force arbitration for some corporations, delaying implementation of ozone standards, penalizing states that have sanctuary laws on immigration, dismantling Dodd-Frank, against ACA, repeal FCC barring ISP from sharing consumers data, removing antitrust exemption for insurance providers and many more.

The GOP tax reform is paid for by the middle class. It is a gift to corporations and the richest among us. It is paid for by long nights, by double shifts, by vacations not taken.

He doesn't include his constituents in town halls. He sends out vague type letters and does not address individual questions. He doesn't listen.

My son can no longer deduct his student loan interest. There is no help for students with loans. Big corporations were helped with low interest rates.

He supports the climate deniers by voting to repeal a rule to reduce waste and emissions, and repeal stream protection rule. Let him drink out of Onondaga Lake.

He considers himself a moderate. I don't believe that is true.

I'm discouraged that my voice is not heard in CNY.

Erin Hutteman