The Trump Horror Show started on its merry caravan this week as usual as if to scream out: "Hi, America, I'm still here, and I just want to thank the wayward, disoriented and misinformed voters who voted for me by once again committing another racist self-inflicted scandal."

After he insults four congresswomen with his vial and disgusting remarks, he is rebuked by 100% of the Democratic party. Obviously, the Republican socialist dictatorship does "not" permit them to denounce any of their members or constituents for fear of being marched to a firing squad or reprisal at the polls in 2020 or maybe they truly believe in "racism" and the mistreatment and inhumane manner in which immigrants are treated at the border.

Anyway, on Tuesday on the front page of our Citizen newspaper was a photo of our beloved congressmen, John Katko, and the heading reading "Katko: Trumps remarks were wrong." A second grader probably could've answered this much better than Mr. Katko, and we are sure that the second grader would've at least written three sentences to form a paragraph.

Donald Trump is trying real hard to get elected again because he knows that he will be charged or indicted in many crimes, and he is trying to run the clock out so that he can be "home free" when he leaves office (which is not soon enough for many of us). John Katko said Donald Trump was "wrong"; we were looking for more than that, as we were looking for a forceful condemnation of his remarks, condemning his racial attacks both past and present and to stop colluding with socialist, communist dictators and monarchy criminals around the world.

For the record, neither of the four congresswomen have colluded with Russian dictator and his oligarchs or monarchy, nor have they ever professed any loyalties but to the Democratic Party; as for Donald Trump, he has shown over and over where his loyalties lie.

Our response to Rep. John Katko is, the only person who is "wrong" is himself for not condemning Donald Trump's racism, and many of us must say to Mr. Katko, you are "wrong" for the 24th District.

Andres and Beatriz Villamarzo


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