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Letter: Katko stands with Trump, not CNY

Letter: Katko stands with Trump, not CNY


We live in a truly surreal world. A couple of days ago, Dr. Deborah Birx, one of the principals of the federal government's Coronavirus Task Force, said that the epidemic in the U.S. had entered a different and very troubling phase, namely that of uncontrolled spread in the Midwest and rural areas. The very next day, in a coronavirus briefing, President Trump announced that there were “encouraging signs” that the epidemic was slowing and would soon be under control.

You only have to look at any one of several websites monitoring new infections and deaths, John Hopkins, Worldometer, etc. to see that Birx is correct, the virus is surging in previously relatively unaffected areas. The situation simply isn’t getting better, rather it’s rapidly getting much worse.

Now, either President Trump is ignorant and delusional or he’s simply lying. It’s hard to tell which. He can hardly be ignorant because his own people, namely Birx, Fauci and Redfield, are telling him how serious the situation is. Or he’s being deliberately disingenuous. Either way, it’s the American people who are and will suffer.

I want to take this opportunity to remind the citizens of Central New York, specifically those of the 24th Congressional District, that not too many months ago, Congressman John Katko gave his endorsement of President Trump, which he not yet disavowed. There can simply be no better demonstration of John Katko’s failure of judgment and his duty of responsibility for the safety and security of his constituents than his unqualified endorsement of Trump.

Simply none!

I have never known of an upstate New York congressional representative who has so completely abrogated their responsibility to their constituents as John Katko has.

John Katko doesn’t deserve to be re-elected to Congress and we, the residents here in central New York, don’t deserve the punishment he’s inflicted on us.

Richard Glenister



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