Mr. Katko, your proclamation that Trump's remarks were wrong followed by your "no vote" to put the president on record for his bigotry and racial innuendos is like watching a house fire with people inside and not calling 911! You were a former federal prosecutor and I am guessing you prosecuted vehemently for the integrity of the law. Like I said, I'm guessing.

I agree Congress should be focusing on important issues. And they are! But you and Republican colleagues and those also in the Senate are the problem. Is it because of no personal attacks by this president against you, your family or your heritage? Is it because you are turning a blind eye to the xenophobia and lies that even Mr. Pence seems to be endorsing? What's in it for you that you are willing to sacrifice your SWORN duty to uphold the Constitution and your duty to your constituents? Have you gone to your people of the 24th District and heard the outcry of disdain of the words and actions of this imbecile we have for a leader?

We all know of bills you have written or cosponsored regarding the opioid epidemic and have passed. You will also be known as a coward to not stand up and tell your Republican friends, not to mention Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell, that their enabling as well as their silence is wrong!

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Tell us again why you became a prosecutor. Did the moral values our founding fathers envisioned get put through a shredder? Are the people in Congress that are outraged the only ones piecing back the Constitution while you and others dismiss it as a lost cause? Maybe this next election, someone else other than you will call 911 to save the people in the fire! Your squirt gun remarks aren't even making a droplet on such a volatile, insensitive corrupt Trump or your Republican friends.

R. L. Searles


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