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Letter: Katko wrong to support Trump tax plan

We're worried.

Our congressman, John Katko, supported the Trump Tax Plan that helps the wealthiest 1 percent and leaves the rest of us to foot the bill. The average working families, seniors on fixed incomes, and those who are already struggling financially will be paying more taxes and losing the services we need and depend on.

While we're known by our neighbors and friends for being more politically involved than many, signing up to speak out in a television ad against Congressman Katko's vote was a new level of activism for us, but not something we thought twice about. We can't sit idle while our neighbors and families face uncertainty as bills increase and benefits dry up. And as seniors on fixed incomes, what happens when our taxes go up and the programs we rely on disappear?

However, we're more anxious about how this will play out in the longer term. This tax plan will impact the next generation even more adversely as the deficit grows and more assistance disappears-from Medicaid to food stamps. What was John Katko thinking when he voted for this tax plan? Not us, our family, our neighbors.

Our congressman should represent the average constituents working hard in their communities — and help prevent President Trump from continuing to do more damage. A wealthy person buying another luxury car will not help the economy and the men and women working tirelessly to keep their livelihoods and provide for themselves and their families. These average Americans will not be getting anything out of this tax cut.

Investments in critical programs — healthcare for all, much-needed improvements in infrastructure, good schools for all children, reliable food stamp programs — are more important than giving more money to millionaires. Of course, our congressman wouldn't know about real people here in the district — he continues to refuse to hold town hall meetings open to all his constituents and be held accountable for the very real impact his votes have on the people he is supposed to represent.

We deserve to be represented in Congress, and will make sure our fellow communities throughout NY-24 understand what is at stake.

Charlie and Sandra Gowing



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