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Listen up you lawmakers — city, county, state and federal; you all were elected to listen to and serve your constituents. What don't you understand about our cries to ban assault weapons such as the AR-15 and their BULLETS; those bullets that shatter internal organs so that there is no hope of of saving the victims. Are you all afraid that your NRA contributions will dry up and that you will not be re-elected? I, for one, believe that if any of you introduce legislation that will ban the sale and use of these lethal assault weapons and the bullets and or vote for such legislation you will be the most popular candidate and lead the ticket.

I only hear most of you skirting the real issue and offering ridiculous solutions such as arming teachers or talking about the mental health problem in our country rather than attacking the real problem of assault weapons and their deadly bullets.

Please, would some of you more intelligent, honest, unselfish lawmakers, DO THE RIGHT THING?

Barbara Ann Clary