I believe the most important quality of an effective elected official should be one's ability to listen to constituents and identify the best solutions for the community. Decisions by our elected officials should not be based on convenience, or special interests or political loyalty, but rather grounded on what is in the best interest of the community as a whole. I decided to run for Auburn City Council because I want to make sure that all the people in our community have a voice and someone who will listen carefully to citizens and prioritize policies for the greater good.

I am interested in hearing voter’s views on three topics:

1. Are you supportive of the new parking regulations downtown? How does this benefit our community?

2. If you had a choice, what would you do first — build a new municipal building or fix our neighborhood streets and sidewalks. We need to do both — but what is the priority?

3. As a taxpayer, are you OK with limitless borrowing of money to fix problems? Should we simply raise taxes to solve shortfalls? Should we raise fees for people who are making improvements to their property or raise taxes on small business creating local jobs?

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I have lived in Auburn my entire life. I went to school here. I raised a family here. And I am in employed by a local Auburn business. I care about our community and cannot stand by any longer and watch the petty politics and shortsightedness in our local government. Matters before the city council need to debated, and the tough questions have to be asked. Simply “rubberstamping” decisions without exploring new ways to address the city’s problems is just another way of “kicking the can down the road.”

I’m eager to collaborate with anyone determined to solve Auburn’s challenges and make a difference for our community. Please consider the three topics above and email me your views at Locastro23@roadrunner.com. If you don’t want to email me, I am sure you will see me going door-to-door in your neighborhood in the next several weeks — I look forward to listening to your concerns.

I am Tim Locastro, and I’m running for Auburn City Council.

Tim Locastro


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