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As always, the lovely, loving, loyal liberals discriminate against the legal citizens of New York state by using the working people’s money to help educate the DACA, who are not legal U.S. citizens. They justify their generosity with our money by using the excuse that the DACAs have contributed generous amounts of money to our state and may seek employment here. This rhetoric demonstrates their lack of concern for generations of people who have been legal, functional citizens for the U.S and New York state for centuries.

Do the liberals worry about the college loans which many pupils are dealing with? Because of these loans many college graduates in New York state have to wait until their 30s or 40s so they can start a family, create a business and own property. Pupils who participate in all levels of education, vocational schools and colleges also work several jobs in order to pay for their school related expenses. These graduates who do not expect hand-outs, will repay their loans and the associated interest.

No mention is made by the perfect liberals of the millions of dollars provided by the legal citizen graduates of our colleges who have worked, purchased properties, vehicles, paid tuition, applied for legitimate loans, paid interest, formed their own businesses, provided jobs for thousands of others, became credentialed professionals who work in health, education, culinary arts, social control, law, business, industry, human services, entertainment and politics, etc. Our New York state citizens also show their commitment to our national security by joining the armed services. They and their families bravely deal with the consequences associated with their military experiences.

These legal citizens neglected by the saintly liberals have always contributed positively to our society and continue to enhance the New York state economy by working and spending money. They also donate millions of dollars in the form of scholarships, grants, endowments, and stipends so that New York state people can continue to attend the educational facilities of their choice.

Joan Sigona​


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