I read with curiosity the progressive letters from the advocates for “undocumented immigrants” receiving driver’s licenses. Calling illegal aliens “undocumented immigrants” is like referring to drug dealers as undocumented pharmacists. If they had not broken the law sneaking into the country, they would have been able to receive a green card identifying them as temporary workers and allowing them access to driver’s licenses.

The rest of the story is this is just another way to get illegals to register to vote under the New York State Motor Voter Law. Any paperwork that an illegal furnishes to the DMV is scanned then later destroyed so no records are on file. Why? It keeps illegals and their records from being exposed to law enforcement, immigration customs enforcement (ICE) and prospecting employers. If illegals were issued a NYS driver’s license then a law enforcement officer would have no way of knowing that the driver was illegal. All licenses would look the same as all other NYS drivers.

DMV personnel are instructed that they must not object (or call attention to) any illegal who decides to register to vote. No DMV personnel are allowed to oppose the process, or challenge the illegal voter registration. This process will occur under the direction of the NYS agency and is there by design. This regulation erodes confidence in our voting system, enables and encourages criminal behavior and rewards the illegals with both voter rights and a driver’s license.

NYS government is a nefarious organization where upstate legislators are neutered by special interests of downstate policymakers. It remains that upstate citizens must be vigilant of the Albany cartel and their special interests.

David Ranauro ​


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