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Recently the South Street/Lincoln Street parking lot has been the center of controversy, but attention needs to be given to the newly remade intersection at Lincoln and William Streets. I should preface this by stating that I am an avid walker and have walked around much of Auburn. I have also been playing racquetball at the YMCA since 2005 and typically walk to the Y as a part of my warm-up.

On Monday, Feb. 19, I crossed William Street at the newly installed stop sign and crosswalk that now links the parking garage to the YMCA side of the street. I waited for the vehicles that had already made it to the stop signs before I made it to the crosswalk to go, waited a moment to ensure that the next vehicles were going to let me cross and entered the crosswalk.

About five steps into the crosswalk a vehicle traveling south on William Street from Genesee went crossing the center lines going through the oncoming line and coming a foot from striking me. The driver literally drove through the oncoming lane to go around me as he turned onto Lincoln Street.

This is not an isolated incident either, the nearby intersection at Lincoln and South Streets is what I consider to be the worst to cross in the city. Drivers turning right off of Lincoln onto South Street heading towards Genesee Street have often turned while myself and other pedestrians are in the crosswalk with the lights and right of way in our favor.

With the city having closed the South Street/Lincoln Street parking lot and encouraging people to use the parking garage and cross in the new crosswalk I do fear that there will be an accident. I do not feel the stop signs will be enough to help pedestrians cross, I feel having a stop light like the one at East Genesee Street and Seminary Avenue would be safer for pedestrians.

I ask that the city look into installing a three-way stop light at the intersection of Lincoln and William streets so the pedestrians crossing there can do so safer.

Steve Brewer II